The story behind Over The Top Cake Toppers

As my husband and I prepared for our daughter’s Quinceanera the ideas were many but the options scares. We ended up at a DIY shop downtown where the owner made one sample and sold us the items to take home and complete the 20+ remaining table center pieces and other decorations. As we shopped for a cake that matched the theme, I just could not find exactly what I was looking for. As cute as they look, I didn’t want the traditional clay-like, play-do looking, pasty flower design; so I took matters into my own hands and made her a matching cake topper. Little did I know at the time, but this was my first of many cake toppers.

Three short years later we prepared for yet another event in our daughter’s life…. Graduation. Her party’s motif was The Great Gatsby. Again, I took on the task of designing her cake topper. It was just a few weeks after that the light went on in my head. I would design unique cake toppers and sell them on-line.

I set up a small poker table in the corner of our guest bedroom. With nothing else but a folding chair, glue gun and box full of crafts I began to design my first cake toppers. I spent the summer afternoons working on various designs.

The designing part was fun, but the waiting game was the hardest. I opened up my Etsy shop June 5, 2015 and didn’t have my first sale until July 20th. Yet it was the most exhilarating feeling. It was surreal! I couldn’t believe it. My vision for unique cake toppers was in fact appealing to others. Since then sales have gradually grown from one per month to over 60 a month. Although my shop is still fairly new I have every bit of confidence that this is just a small beginning to a great thing (Zechariah 4:10).

Our shop offers a wide range of genre for almost any event. We have wedding, birthday, teen, and kid cake toppers. However, our top sellers are Airplanes, Eiffel Towers and Gatsby toppers.

At Over The Top Cake Toppers we are dedicated to creating the most unique, fun, fancy and distinct line of cake toppers. Our toppers are not just meant to decorate your cake on the day of your event, but are also keepsakes to display for life.

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